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CableCARD: Not in MCE2005 & Not in Shuttle Pentium M XPC

Posted on 05 June 2005 by

Some sad / bad news on the PC CableCARD implementation front, long considered the panacea to cable HDTV on the PC, as it seems further and further from a reality.

Anandtech reporting that the Shuttle XPC CableCARD reader won’t be supported by the end of 2005.

“We mentioned in our first coverage of Shuttle’s Pentium M solution at CES that the solution was going to launch with support for a CableCard reader. The CableCard reference design is complete and is ready to go into the next version of Media Center Edition, however it seems that concerns over DRM are preventing it from coming to market. Despite the product being done, it doesn’t look like this XPC will be able to launch with CableCard support by the end of this year.”

Chris Lanier’s interesting post as to Why HDTV Support in MCE Won’t Change Until Longhorn Arrives

“A hot topic after the release of Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 was when Microsoft would improve HDTV support (Technically it’s still a hot topic). MCE 2005 brought us OTA HD, but that’s not enough for some people. We want full Cable/Satellite HDTV support inside of Media Center. We know that Media Center will support CableCARD’s at some point, you can hear that directly from Bill Gates in The Engadget Interview with Gates. In fact, Gates sounded kind of dumbfounded when asked about CableCARD and Media Center. CableCARD’s are seen as the way to bring premium content into our PC’s.

Here is the problem that everyone is not thinking of. Part of the reason Media Center doesn’t support anything more than OTA is mainly because of the rights management issues. “