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2PartsFusion Giveaway Reminder — OVER! Winner Drawn!

Posted on 25 February 2006 by

this giveaway is now closed!!

Congratulations to JustMichael for being the lucky participant drawn randomly from the database! Thanks again to 2 Parts Fusion for sponsoring the giveaway.

2 Parts Fusion, builders of fine customized Media Servers, has stepped to the plate and sponsored an ultra cool bundle of PVR components to giveaway at BYOPVR including: SageTV 4 PVR Software, ATI Radeon X800XL 256 MB PCI-Express Video card, and a Hauppauge PVR 150 MCE TV Tuner Card!

You’ll need to be a registered byopvr forum user and signed in to the forum to participate in the contest. Full rules and instructions on how to enter are posted in the Official 2 Parts Fusion BYOPVR Giveaway Thread.


this giveaway is now closed!! Winner has been drawn and announced!

BYOPVR Football Pool ( Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 prize )

Posted on 16 August 2005 by

At our sister site RandomDrivel we’ve been doing the CBS sportsline NFL football pool for fun each season. This year I thought it would be fun to add the DIY PVR folks to the roster and add a cool prize for the overall standings winner at the end of the season! Please note: You’ll need to sign up for a CBS sportsline ID first and know the football pool password which is randomdrivel2

It’s a simple pick the winning teams each week with a Monday Night Football total score tie breaker. You don’t have to know anything about football to play, in fact sometimes I think it helps! I plan on using the Balki Bartokomous method of choosing winnning teams.

The overall winner of the season long pool is going to get a
Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 “retail” edition TV tuner/encoder card.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the pool, but you must be in the continental USA to receive the top prize.

BYOPVR in Hartford Courant: Build Your Own PC-Based TV Recorder

Posted on 21 July 2005 by

We made the Hartford Courant today!

Check it out: Build Your Own PC-Based TV Recorder

It’s more a “local boy makes geek” angle than a howto, but it’s an interesting read none the less (of course *I* think so because it’s about me!)

With the availability of digital video recorders such as Tivo for as little as $100, you might wonder why anyone would bother building such a device from scratch. Pettersen said there are several motivations.

One is flexibility; consumers who make their own recorders can build to suit themselves. Some might favor extra-large hard drives for spacious storage. Others might lean toward wireless connectivity or some other feature. Still others want to store photos, music and other data. Whatever the goal, the PC can be molded to achieve it.

“It’s a little bit like hot-rodding a car,” Pettersen said. “Anything you could think of adding in there, you can.”

UPDATE: If you’re visiting the site for the first time via the article:

First, Welcome! Second, here are a few links to get you started:

New Build Your Own PVR Forum is open

Posted on 03 April 2005 by

Buckle your safety belts, I’m in the process of upgrading our forum software (it’s gonna be sweeeeeeet!) In the meantime I have to lock down the existing forums.

UPDATE Ok, although I’m still working out the kinks and adding new stuff (and that will continue through the week) but I’m unleashing the hounds to the new byopvr forum!

Existing BYOPVR members *should* be able to login with their existing username and password. New members, well you can register if you want =) Anonymous posting is still on but you need to specify some sort of handle and an email address at the time of posting (I’m gonna try to disable the need for an email address, but in the meantime if you’re concerned put in a spam objuscated email, junk email account, or fake account… ) but you don’t *have* to register.

Existing members, I STRONGLY suggest you log in and adjust the individual preferences to suite your tastes (and upload your own avatar!)

I was able to import like 99% of the old posts. There may be a quirk or two but let me know if you find a bug, something not working right, or just goobered completely up.

UPDATE 2: Here’s a quick rundown on some of what’s new (besides the url and framing)

Non monochrome color scheme. Hopefully the new forum is a little easier on the eyes and less scrolling than the sandwiched/previous forum. Plus it’s got a lot of cool new functionality like the ability to upload user avatars, and karma (you can nominate a post as a “good post” or “meh” for not so much) =) This way consistent helpful forum posters will get some sort of “credit” or acknowledgement for contributing back to the community. This may be one way to determine the hopefully annual BYOPVR MVP awards =)

Another cool feature is the “how much time you’ve spent online” at the top for logged in users… (just don’t let the signifigant other see it! ” I’m uhm… working on our taxes hon… yeah that’s the ticket…”)

We can also do attachments now (unless it gets abused) for putting up screenshots/error messages and stuff… which is pretty cool. Especially for the new Project Journals & Project Showcase. Also of interest is the new section dedicated to linux PVR software and the new international PVR zone for our PVR building friend across the pond. I didn’t forget to add a Forum for Canadian PVR builders as well.