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PVR Support for the Raspberry Pi

PVR Support for the Raspberry Pi

Posted on 03 September 2012 by sam

Raspbmc is an XBMC build for the Raspberry Pi. Recently the developers also integrated the PVR support, which is a truly impressive feat.


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ReplayTV PC Edition Unveiled Today

ReplayTV PC Edition Unveiled Today

Posted on 28 June 2006 by

ReplayTV is demonstrating their new ReplayTV PC Edition DVR Software

From the press release:

“ReplayTV PC Edition DVR provides a breathtaking advance over prior DVR experiences – offering an intuitive solution that is powerful yet easy-to-use, so viewers can spend less time manipulating and managing their DVR, and more time watching their favorite TV programming. ReplayTV placed the highest priority on making PC Edition lightning fast, predictable and reliable in recording your family’s shows and providing an experience that’s unmatched in the industry. “

I was able to scope out a demo of the ReplayTV PC Edition Software personally yesterday and will have some more scoop/details in a follow up article.

In the meantime you might want to look at this ReplayTV feature page which has some screenshots to ogle and describes some of the different little touches they put into the design of their PC DVR experience.

Check out the full press release with lots of feature description below the fold

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SnapStream BeyondTV 4.3 Released: DivX 6.1 & ATI Theater 650 Support!

Posted on 08 June 2006 by

The SnapStream folks are very busy today it seems… with an update to their BeyondTV PVR Software to version 4.3.

They sent us this snippet describing what’s new:

“Some of the new things in Beyond TV 4.3 are:

* Enhanced HDTV support: We now support ShowSqueeze for HDTV recordings, so you can save more HDTV recordings without loss of quality. HDTV recordings can be ShowSqueeze’d to either DivX or Windows Media formats. We also now strip out extra sub-channel information so recordings are up to 50% smaller. Disk fragmentation has been reduced, which makes a big difference to huge HD recordings. And finally SmartSkip (our commercial detection feature) is way faster on HDTV recordings now.

* DivX 6.1 Support (with Intel Optimizations): Beyond TV 4.3 is the first DVR to support DivX 6.1. This brings Intel optimizations to Beyond TV that can result in up to 300% faster encoding and even smaller file sizes.

* ATI Theater 650 support: We’re also the first to support the ATI Theater 650 — you’ll start to see these cards commerically hit the market in the next couple of weeks. They are great, because they combine analog TV tuning (w/ hardware encoder) and ATSC/HDTV support in one card. There’s no other TV tuner card that combines these two things together on a single chip.

* …And more: There are quite a number of other updates to Beyond TV 4.3. See more in the press releases linked below”

Beyond TV 4.3 and Beyond TV Buzz Launch

Beyond TV 4.3 is First DVR to Support DivX 6.1 w/Intel Optimizations

Sale: SnapStream Free Firefly with BeyondTV 3.7 Purchase!

Posted on 12 September 2005 by

Now through September 19th you get a free FireFly RF remote with a purchase of BeyondTV 3.7 through the SnapStream store. There’s a few other cool bundles like pairing a pvr150 MCE, BeyondTV 3.7, and the free FireFly remote which makes for a pretty cool setup at a pretty darn good price.

See site for official details but here’s the dealio:

# add any one of the following items to your court:

Beyond TV 3 (CD-ROM or Download)

Beyond TV 3 and Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150 Kit (PCI)

Beyond TV 3 and Diamond Xtreme TV PVR600 USB 2.0 Kit (USB)

Beyond TV 3 and Hauppauge Dual-Tuner WinTV-PVR-500 MCE Kit (PCI)

Medusa PVR

# Then scroll down to the ‘Related Items’ section below the cart and add the $0.00 Firefly PC Remote to your cart.

It’s important to note that if you buy BeyondTV 3.7 now you get a “free” upgrade to forthcoming HDTV capable BeyondTV 4! Speaking of which there’s some interesting scoop about BeyondTV 4 & HDTV with this choice quote re: HDTV EPG TV listings:

We’ve also licensed and rolled out new HDTV guide services in preparation for HDTV support in Beyond TV 4. Apparently some companies consider this optional? No, I really don’t understand it either.

SageTV 3.0.3 Public Beta Available

Posted on 24 July 2005 by

The SageTV Beta v3.0.3 is now available. ( hat tip HTPCnews )

A more complete list of changes will be available later, but for now, here are some of the v3 changes, in no particular order:

* Configuration Wizard for easier setup
* DX9 Full screen exclusive mode
* TVTV Support for European EPG listings
* Canadian EPG support
* Playback of ASF, WMA, WMV files
* HDTV Recording & Playback
* .tivo file playback
* Playlist Importing (m3u, asx, wpl)
* ATI 550 Support
* French Language Support
* SageTV Server Discovery from SageTV Client (list local addresses you can connect to)
* Software Encoding support
* Media Download / Upload to/from external device when a new drive is detected (i.e. mp3 player)
* STV UI enhancements
* Numerous other fixes and changes.

Some of the above features may be more complete than others. There will be further beta updates to expand the features, of course.

Note: HD recording and playback will be available in v3, but it is not active in this release. Further details of supported cards and how to configure SageTV for HDTV will be announced when this portion is ready — this should be included in the next beta release.

You can download the betas and the updated manual at SageTV Beta dowload page
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Game Library v1.0 Released for Beyond Media

Game Library v1.0 Released for Beyond Media

Posted on 10 April 2005 by

Game Library v1.0 Released for Beyond Media

The ultimate gamers accessory, available only with Beyond Media. Browse and play your ROMS, Arcade Games, and PC Games within a 10ft setup. With minimum configuration the plugin automatically parses multiple sites to gather the required box art, screenshots, and information about the game based off the filename! Flexibile XML support allows advance users to define custom systems, or take advantage of the 25+ predefined systems within the plugin itself. Advance filtering lets you search your games quick and efficently by keywords, genres, publisher, or year released.

read more for a screenie

Probably a good time to mention this special going on over at snapstream as well =)
**Current Special – Save $20 on purchases of $100 or more in the SnapStream Online Store.

Use coupon code: APRIL20off100

Offer expires April 11, 2005.

Not valid with other specials or offers.
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Plextor ConvertX PVRs Now Support Linux

Posted on 08 March 2005 by

Plextor just released an open source (GPL) Linux SDK for their very cool ConvertX PVR USB tuner/encoder product

This is great news for Linux PVR users who want to use an external device (linux support for the other major external tuner/encoder the Hauppauge wintvPVR USB2 was a little sketchy) or want hardware based MPEG-4 encoding in their MythTV or Freevo homebrew PVR. The ConvertX supports Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux!

The full press release is available here

Slashdot on Plextor PVRs Now Support Linux

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Media Portal 0.1.09 Released

Posted on 01 March 2005 by

Media Portal, the very cool open source windows media portal/PVR solution, has released version 0.1.09

My TV : Many fixes for multi-tuner and single tuner setups
My TV : added radio support for DVB-s/C/T and analog capture cards
My News : increased maximum number of feeds to 100
General : MP now keeps a backup of the log file and mediaportal.xml file
General : added key lookup in list views
General : now respond to y/n keys
My TV : speeded up my tv/recorded tv which was very slow
My TV : free-diskspace management for recordings
My TV : faster tvosd/zaposd
My TV : added list view to recorded tv
My TV : added default channel group ‘all channels’
My TV : fixed crash using MSN and fullscreen tv
Setup : map radio channels to specific cards
Setup : fixed EPG grabber for DVB-S/C/T
Setup : fixed wizards
Setup : added options for free-diskspace management
Setup : edit shoutcast channel searching when you add a new radio channel
Setup : integrated SS2 setup with the rest of the tv settings
My Pictures:better picture zooming

news via HTPCnews

Windows Media Center Edition 2005 vs The World

Posted on 30 December 2004 by

The venerable SlashDot had a post the other day about Windows Media Center Edition vs. The World Surprisingly no mention of byopvr though =(

“sam_christ writes “An article in today’s Investor’s Business Daily (Google cache) and an article by TV industry pundit/predictions-huckster Philip Swann say the same thing: that Microsoft’s Media Center Edition will be a big flop in 2005. Meanwhile, from what I can tell much more powerful alternatives to Microsoft’s MCE bloatware are thriving: commercial products like Snapstream (see their 6-tuner Medusa PVR built for about $1200), Showshifter and open-source freeware like Mediaportal and MythTV. From what I’ve read about Microsoft MCE and all of its DRM and content restrictions, I have to agree with both of these articles.”

Some excellent comments if you sift through the chaffe of /. to find it regarding why the Windows Media Center Edition 2005 DRM and DRM in general is a bad idea (for consumers).

SnapStream Beyond Media Update (going gold)

Posted on 19 November 2004 by

Update in SnapStream’s forums today on the status of Beyond Media

“…we’ve reached the GM (gold master) stage in development on Beyond Media. At this point, we are nailing down some final licensing and marketing items, duplicating CDs and other fun stuff. Some time next week, we will be announcing the official Beyond Media launch date.

I want to spend time in this update talking about Beyond Media plug-ins. As I alluded to in both my October 14 update and my November 10 update, Beyond Media will include a very powerful architecture for 3rd parties to build plug-ins against. There are three plug-ins that will ship built-in to Beyond Media:

* Firefly Settings
* Weather
* Caller ID”

There’s some community plugins already devloped of interest, “Beyond Drunk” sounds like my kind of plugin. I presume it’s a bartenders mixed drink guide of some sort. =P