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XBMC 11.0 is Here, Start Jailbreaking Your iDevices

XBMC 11.0 is Here, Start Jailbreaking Your iDevices

Posted on 28 March 2012 by sam

The latest 11.0 version of XBMC is available for download. Except for making an already great product even better, the big news is full support for many Apple devices.
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Beta Testers Wanted: BeyondTV 4.7 ipod/iphone integration!

Posted on 01 September 2007 by

SnapStream is looking for people to beta test ipod/iphone integration with BeyondTV

from the blog entry: “You may have read recently that iTunes is not going to have NBC programming starting with the fall season. This would be a disaster for all of us iPod/iPhone users if it weren’t for the Beyond TV 4.7 Beta that has the capacity to automatically transfer shows into iTunes compatible formats.

4.7 has a plugin that allows recompression to the h.264 format and an rss feed (aka podcast) that makes getting shows into iTunes automatic (which then can automatically sync recordings to your iPod video, iPhone or Apple TV).

Available today, we have a public beta of the upcoming 4.7 release that includes many other sweet new features as well. To download this release, you can join the beta program by signing up at

Three Linux MythTV Distros Reviewed

Posted on 01 September 2007 by

Via Slashdot: compares 3 MythTV centric linux distributions (KnoppMyth, Mythdora, & MythBuntu )

The piece looks at Mythdora, Mythbuntu, and KnoppMyth, with an eye towards ease of installation and the actual utility of the install. From the article: ‘For regular system maintenance, KnoppMyth simply isn’t in the same ballpark as MythBuntu and MythDora. The live CD heritage of Knoppix means you cannot update individual packages, which is fine if you like that, but for an always-on system like a MythTV back end, I’d prefer flexibility and configurability of a mainline distro. When all is said and done, if I were building my TiVo replacement today, I would do it with MythDora.

Snapstream Gets a Mention in the NY Times

Posted on 07 June 2007 by

BeyondTV gets a mention in the grey lady!

Q: Q. Is it possible to plug in a TV cable to my computer and use it like a VCR to record programs?

A: A. In most cases, you just need a TV tuner card for the computer and a program to do the recording…

…Some cards include their own recording software, but programs like SnapStream’s Beyond TV ( give TiVo-like powers to your Windows PC. You can also buy the Beyond TV software bundled with a compatible TV tuner card if you haven’t made the hardware purchase yet.

NY Times Technology Q & A section (silly mandatory registration required: use to bypass)

BeyondTV 4.6 Released!

Posted on 16 February 2007 by

BeyondTV 4.6 released with Vista Compatibility & divx place shifting (release notes linked)

Thanks G808 for the heads up

I’m in an internet cafe in costa rica so this news story’s brief… I’ll be back soon! — rampy

BeyondTV Vista Compatibility FAQ ( 4.6 coming soon )

Posted on 05 February 2007 by

FAQ: What about Vista support for Beyond TV?

Answer: “Beyond TV 4.6, the successor to Beyond TV 4.5, will begin shipping very soon now and, among other things, it will contain a broad set of fixes that make Beyond TV fully compatible with Microsoft Vista. And like other point releases, it will be a free upgrade for existing Beyond TV 4.x users

Fun with BeyondTV Skins

Posted on 24 January 2007 by

BeyondTV Blog about giving BeyondTV a new look with community designed skins/themes (download them here)

The other day I realized that while we weren’t looking, the community had gone and created a bunch of extremely cool skins for Beyond TV.

I think i’m partial to blue-ish hued dolphins theme 🙂 It’s always cool to see what the community comes up with and how they share their hard work with others.

MythTV vs Windows Media Center Comparison

Posted on 12 January 2007 by

TVease outlines the differences between MythTV and Windows MCE2005 side by side… of course they offer prebuilt MythTV systems so take it with a grain of salt, BUT it’s a nifty/helpful little set of comparison screenshots

Below is a side by side comparison of similar screen shots from MythTV and Windows Media Center. I choose the MythTV skin that most closely resembles Windows Media Center, though I personally like the Project Grayhem skin the best. Hopefully this will help you decide which one you want to use. MythTV is free open source software that runs on the free Linux operating system. Using MythTv will considerably reduce your build cost because you won’t need to pay for a Windows Media Center license. Also, Linux offers outstanding performance. You can use an older CPU and less memory, further cutting costs.

SageTV 6 Released

Posted on 21 December 2006 by

From my inbox: “Now users in Europe and around the globe can enjoy high quality digital TV with new DVB support in SageTV V6.

We appreciate loyal customers, if you purchased the full SageTV Media Center Version 5 you get a free upgrade to SageTV Version 6. Customers who purchased SageTV Version 4 or earlier can take advantage of our SageTV V6 holiday upgrade special and purchase an upgrade to SageTV Version 6 for only $29.99 (expires Jan 15, 2007)

Here’s the missingremote review of SageTV version 6 Beta

UPDATE: Discussion in our forum about SageTV 6 and QAM support very interesting!!!!

New GBPVR Release Coming Soon (?)

Posted on 21 December 2006 by

PVRwire reports that the latest revision to the free windows software GBPVR is currently in private beta.

I can’t wait to see what sub has got cooking in the new year for GBPVR!