CES 2005 Rumor: TiVo to announce CableCard support?!

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CES 2005 Rumor: TiVo to announce CableCard support?! (nytimes, free reg required or bugmenot action — scroll down to second article/story)

“What about the TiVo? If the cable-TV cable now goes straight from the wall into the TV set, where do you plug in a recording device?… So I emailed TiVo, the company, to see if they’d thought about this. Their response: Stay tuned. TiVo will make an announcement at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week that, I’m told, should address this problem.”

hat tip to pvrblog commenter john

I’m hopeful that this is a reality. I’m also hopeful it’s not a paper/vapor announcement frought with delays and PR hyperbole for months and months. We’ll see, i’m cautiously pessimistic=P

UPDATE Rumor no longer…

“TiVo said it would launch in early 2006 a cable-ready, high-definition DVR with CableCARD built in, that also includes a cable tuner.”

TiVo Developing High-Definition, Digital Cable Ready DVR

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TiVo Developing High-Definition, Digital Cable Ready DVR

TiVo® DVR with CableCARD Will Offer Flexible, Fully Featured Platform for Accessing HD Broadcast and Broadband Content

January 6, 2005 – CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, Las Vegas, NV – TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO) today will demonstrate a high definition, digital cable ready DVR that will enable TiVo subscribers to access the growing number of high definition broadcasts available over the air or through their cable provider without a separate set-top box. The DVR will support CableCARD technology, enabling consumers to access their favorite premium and HD cable channels with the ease of use and powerful search capabilities of the TiVo® service. Moreover, as part of the “Tahiti” strategy announced at CES today, the new DVR will also allow consumers to access, download, and manage broadband content.

“We believe that the deployment of CableCARD technology is an essential development for the future of digital television. By eliminating the need for a separate set top box, consumers will enjoy more choice and flexibility over their entertainment delivery,” said Mike Ramsay, chairman and chief executive officer, TiVo. “TiVo will play a key role in driving this technology forward to bring it to the masses.”

TiVo’s HD CableCARD DVR will be a premium product marketed toward consumers that want the very best in home entertainment. Consumers will be able to record their favorite entertainment from many different sources – high-definition channels, premium cable channels, and video content available via broadband.

CableCARDs free consumers from needing a cable set top box and offer consumers choice in how they get their digital entertainment. By providing consumer choice, companies like TiVo can provide an alternative to the traditional cable set top box and offer innovative services and content that address the consumer’s personal interests.

The new HD CableCARD DVR is in development and TiVo plans to launch the product early next year.

For more information about any of the announcements made by TiVo at the Consumer Electronics Show, please visit www.tivo.com/ces.

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