CES/MacWorld Links Galore

Posted on 12 January 2007 by

With all these HDTV and movie download services we’ll need more hard drive space Hitachi Introduces 1-Terabyte Hard Drive

Monster of monster cable fame getting into HTPC media center market

PVRwire roundup of CNET PVR related CES videos

Sirius to add satellite video to services

Questions and answer about AppleTV the artist formerly known as iTV

AMD has this whole new AMDlive media/streaming initiative thingie, which if you understand what it is, let me know… probably as useful a marketing term as “centrino” and “viiv”

Xbox 360 IPTV hands-on: engadget gizmodo xbox360 IPTV handson

Sony Vaio TP1 roomba looking media server