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ChrisTV 4.80 with support for ATI Theater 550 PRO

Posted on 10 December 2005 by

ChrisTV is a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) Software designed to control analog TV Cards, Graphic Cards with Video Input (VIVO), Combo Cards (Graphic Card and TV Card), Webcams, DVcam Capture that have WDM Drivers(Windows Driver Model) compatible with DirectShow specifications.

  • Timeshifting feature,
  • Improved support for Hauppauge PVR series TV Cards, ATI Theater 550 PRO TV Cards.
  • Recording using any audio/video codecs installed on user’s PC advanced recording settings,
  • MPEG 1/2 Hardware recording,
  • TVgenial scripting interface, you can add/delete recording scheduled task directly from TVgenial.
  • Advanced Scheduler Settings.
  • Sleep Timer.
  • Radio FM support,
  • Channel autoScan with fine tuning,
  • Customize each channel properties, support for dscaler deinterlace directshow filter,
  • Zoom feature,
  • Teletext,
  • Winlirc Support,
  • Image Processing filters (only in Professional version),
  • Image capture,
  • Mosaic with all your channels,
  • Slideshow,
  • Support for more than 25 languages.
  • Supported Capture Devices List can be found here : Supported Capture Devices List
    Download : Download ChrisTV 4.80
    Screenshots :Click here
    Website :Chris P.C. srl Homepage

    Version 4.80 ( 8 December 2005 )

    • We have added support for Hauppauge HVR 1100 TV card analog, for more details on how to configure it, check our forum.
    • We have improved the support for ATI Theater 550 PRO TV cards.
    • Added the option to fix sound quality for some TV cards with MPEG Hardware encoder (like ATI Theater 550 PRO, Hauppauge PVR 150/250/350/500) which might have problems : choppy sound or no sound in preview when “Live Preview Mode” is disabled or while making recordings with low video bitrates.
    • Optimized ChrisTV Agent and Scheduler to work better on Windows ME and Windows 2000.
    • ChrisTV now detects automatically if the Audio of your TV card is streamed digitally (via the PCI-bus or the I2S-bus and no loopback sound cable is needed) during wizard configuration.
    • In order to improve the scheduler usage we have added “Next Recording Date” field, so you can see when the scheduled task will take place.
    • The advanced driver settings panel has been reorganized for a better usage.
    • Added the option to render the sound using the WDM audio rendering devices (for Hauppauge HVR 1100 and other similar TV cards).
    • Fixed Teletext and Image capture problem for some TV cards in ChrisTV Lite.
    • Fixed sound mode detection when using Composite or S-Video inputs.
    • Added the option to improve ChrisTV channel list loading time (works only on some systems).
    • Fixed sound initialization for some tv cards when using normal video renderer.
    • We have optimized the frequency retune option.
    • Added the option to fix Teletext initialization on WinXP Media Center Edition.
    • Other small fixes and improvements.