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CinemaNow to Offer NBC Shows for Download

Posted on 04 February 2005 by

PVRBlog on Cinemanow which in turn links to ehomeupgrade’s article: CinemaNow will be offering NBC shows and movies for download which in turns links to this Lost Remote Article Phew! Got all that?

CinemaNow will be offering the shows for $1 – $3 an episode. They already have downloadable full length full sized movie downloads available on their site.


Related tangent: I tried MovieLink last weekend because southwest airline was giving a $5 free credit to the site and didn’t feel like trekking to blockie. I was reasonable impressed with the process. I could start watching “Twisted” within a few minutes of downloading, although if you start viewing a movie while the download is in progress you temporarily lose rewind/fastforward functionality until the movie is completely downloaded. And of course there’s the whole 24 hour beat the clock DRM from the first moment you press play; That is just too much pressure for me to finish a movie in one setting =) Get your own free $5 coupon to MovieLink One other complaint, their site is NOT very firefox friendly… boooo hisssss, booooo!

Back on topic: Although i’m sure some of you will emotionally balk at the idea of paying for something that’s already broadcast free over the air (or pay to be delivered via cable/satellite) I do find this an intruiging turn of events in non-traditional TV content delivery. It would be cool, for example, to get to the point those Dot Com era Qwest commercials promised, “Every show ever broadcast, instantly searchable and downloadable ala carte” (for a modest fee). Imagine IMDB but being able to download the movies/shows from the hyperlinked filmography. Ok I’m getting ahead of myself here and getting into blue sky punditry zone, but nonetheless seems like a very cool first step.. until they add Coke and Army commercials to the content that you already paid to see =(