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CMmedia 270 review at

Posted on 18 July 2005 by

Saw this little review of the CoolerMaster CMmedia 270 over at Looks like a nifty little case, one that I may just have to order. 😀 From the review:

Home Theater PC’s are no longer limited to just the Home Theater, it has been made clear time and time again that manufactures are attempting to win over our bedrooms as well. When we saw that Coolermaster had built an entire new lineup of HTPC cases we just had to get our hands on some of them to see if problems of the past have been solved. Enter the CMmedia 270, a HTPC case built for the most part as a Bedroom HTPC where it’s extremely small size will not get in the way. What solidifies it more as a pure bedroom type PC case is the fact it can only support the Mini ITX motherboards, meaning to most of the HTPCnews crowd: Client HTPC.

I’m wondering if it would serve well as a GB-PVR enclosure, offloading media storage to external file server. (Yeah, I switched to Windows/GB-PVR…)