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Coming Soon: Diamond MultiMedia Xtreme TV PVR550 Review

Posted on 05 May 2005 by

Just a quick heads up. I’ve been working on a review of the Diamond Multimedia Xtreme TV PVR500 PCI Power Pack (how’s that for alliteration?!)

It’s meant to be a shake and bake PVR kit in a box with a Conexant chipset based hardware MPEG encoding tuner card, BeyondTV Subscriber Edition, Beyond Media (full), FireFly remote control, and most of the possible cable combinations you’d need to set up your DIY PVR. A pretty darn good package for $130 bucks, but you’ll need to wait for the official review to know if it’s worth it =)

The review/evaluation is still incubating, but thought you’d want to know what I’ve been up to lately =)

In the meantime you can check out our previous review of BeyondTV 3.5, HTPCnews review of Beyond Media, and FireFly remote

UPDATE Review of Diamond Multimedia Xtreme PVR 550 has been posted!