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Cringely Talks Hauppauge MediaMVP & Linux Device Hacking

Posted on 04 June 2004 by sam

I, Cringely column discussing MediaMVP Hacking etc… The article is mostly about linux and embedded device hacking (the good kind) to expand functionality/use of a consumer product.

Of course I’d be remiss if i didn’t point out 2n’s Review of the Hauppauge MediaMVP. I’m eagerly awaiting an update as 2n’s done some cools stuff with GB-PVR in conjunction with the Media MVP and a WinTV PVR 250. I believe you can find a lot of info on doing cool stuff with a MediaMVP (and pvr250/350’s for that matter) from SHS’s Unofficial MediaMVP WinPVR 250/350 site/resource (check it out, it’s a cool site).

Read more for a Cringely exerpt:

“And what’s really great is this trend is growing and involves much more than just wireless routers. This week, I’m playing with a Hauppauge Media MVP, a little box you can buy at many U.S. electronics retailers for around $80. The MVP sits atop your television and connects to a 10/100 Ethernet connection. It grabs music video or pictures (MVP, get it?) stored on your Windows PC and presents it on the TV. One way to think of the MVP is as an Ethernet adapter for your TV — the first such adapter I suppose that comes with its own remote control. But what’s really cool about the MVP is that inside it is a little 300 MHz PowerPC computer running Linux. And, like last week’s Linux routers, the MVP is attracting attention from people who want to alter its firmware.”