D-Link DSM-320RD MediaLounge – Media Adapter

Posted on 12 April 2005 by

D-Link DSM-320RD MediaLounge – Media Adapter/DVD Player/5-in-1 Card Reader

Now all we need is for some of those “serious hackers” to get together and port this over to their PVR programs a la MediaMVP style.

see the official D-link DSM 320RD Media Lounge page

(read more to see more of smokeyalien’s take on this potentially pretty cool new piece of kit) :p

In all seriousness, nothing would make me happier than a nice clean piece of hardware (with component and optical audio out no less *praises the gods*) that I can safely tuck on top of my TV. With the 802.11g and ethernet port you could theoretically have it any way you want it fro connectivity or just standalone. This bad boy also sports a DVD player and memory card reader for those still interested in showing of those wretched pictures of your last visit to the dentist in a third world nation. Seriously, don’t do that when I come over to drink. You are only forcing me to drive home drunk that much faster.

For those “discerning” types out there it will play not only your DVD’s, mpeg and Divx files, but also Xvid, AVI, and OGG formats. Who doesn’t like the sleek front end that can make your wife happy and keep you watching all those “backup copies” of the Simpsons?

Now if someone would just hack a way into it so we can use it as a front end for GBPVR or MythTV I would gladly fork over what pennies I have left after buying this shiny new toy for it’s modest price of…


I think I’ll go cry into my PVR now.