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DVR Mania & PC World Snapstream FireFly Remote Review

Posted on 03 September 2004 by

DVR Mania in Houston The ‘DVR mania” graphic had me in stitches… are people running mad in the street recording television shows digitally?! … when will the madness stop?! News at 11 🙂

PC World review of Snapstream’s FireFly remote The author didn’t seem to high on it, mostly because the firefly remote didn’t controll all of his apps (musicmatch) gracefully.

Although I’m eager to do my own review/evaluation, I wonder if the author’s criticism would be as valid in a true HTPC/PVR system. e.g. when using a growing list of supported apps with the FireFly remote, or customize the controls using girder or the like.

thanks to ra for submitting the links. He seems to really like his firefly and BTV combo from what he tells me.