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Experiencing Windows 8 on HTPC

Posted on 18 December 2012 by sam

There have been lots of rumors about Windows 8, its layout and about its functionalities. People had great expectations of new features and user experience.

Now Microsoft has launched it and it has proved to be a good operating system with great improvements. People say they have got what they were expecting. Especially users having HTPC have given good reviews about the new interface and technologies used to ease up the overall user experience.

Windows 8 Media CenterWindows 8 has been claimed by Microsoft to be faster and lighter than Windows 7 and yes it is. It can boot faster so it can be ready to work on in couple of minutes that makes it favorite for many HTPC users. Other tasks are also completed quickly because it has got better resource allocation to the applications. Switching between the applications has become much easier and faster than before and you can easily switch to the application you want.

Something to note is that in order to have the full media center experience, you need to buy the Windows Media Center Pack separately. Currently it comes free with the [amazon_link id=”B009VI8E82″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Windows 8 Pro Pack[/amazon_link], but this may change in the future.

New Start Menu

Windows 8 start menu from the Ars Technica tips and tricks article

Windows 8 start menu from the Ars Technica tips and tricks article

Windows 8 has got new start menu interface. You see the applications in the form of so called metros. This feature itself attracts HTPC users where they are using remote controls to scroll and navigate through the applications. It is basically a tile based interface that suits more on the touch screens. But it also gives good experience to the HTPC user because he can easily select the application he wants to open trough start button without minimizing or closing other applications.

Windows to Go

Another feature that will amaze HTPC users is Windows to Go. You can make a copy of the Windows including all settings, apps, files, wallpapers etc to USB drive that later you can use to bring the system back to previous state. It gives a good back up option for the users and they can include whatever they want.

Multiple Screens

How to Set up Multiple Monitors in Windows 8

How to Set up Multiple Monitors in Windows 8

Multiple screens can be easily handled that improves the user experience in an interactive environment. So now if you have got multiple screens, you do not need separate software to manage them. Windows 8 itself can handle them without any problem.

If you are already running Windows on your HTPC, Windows 8 is a recommended upgrade to get better experience and this new technology will help you to do and enjoy more in less time.