ExtremeTech Compares Nvidia vs ATI on Picture Quality!

Posted on 31 January 2006 by

ExtremeTech ATI vs Nvidia Picture Quality Shootout

Graphics cards are all about 3D, right? Read most graphics card reviews, anywhere on the ‘net or in print, and you’ll see they focus almost entirely on 3D performance and features. We understand this because that’s why we would buy these expensive devices in the first place. Windows 2D performance is essentially a solved problem (at least until Windows Vista), so what else is there for the graphics card to do?

One word: video. Video on the PC is tremendously popular. Now with the PC’s emerging role as a media device for the living room, video becomes even more important.

Both ATI and Nvidia have been touting their video quality and performance lately, and both have chosen to market the video experience.

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