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FCC Broadcast Flag Outlawed / Denied

Posted on 06 May 2005 by

A court of appeals has ruled the broadcast flag illegal.

via Slashdot article –> “CNet is reporting that the courts have struck down the FCC’s broadcast flag requirement!
‘In a stunning victory for hardware makers and television buffs, a
federal appeals court has tossed out government rules that would have
outlawed many digital TV receivers and tuner cards starting July 1.'” The EFF has details on the flag, the official ruling (PDF) is online for examination, and commentary is available from BoingBoing and Ars Technica.”

Also Engadget Coverage | PVR Blog’s take | EFF page on the ruling “waving flags of victory”

ejk->This is fantastic news for all HD users, but for home-built PVR users in particular. Thank goodness for common sense!