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Firefly Mini IR Remote Now Available

Posted on 08 March 2006 by

I may have jumped the gun slightly with last weeks announcement; The SnapStream Firefly Mini IR remote is NOW available in the SnapStream Store.

Snapstream Blog Firefly Mini IR remote announcement and here is the Official Firefly Mini Product page. They’ve recently posted a mini-howto on the SnapStream blog that explains how to teach the FireFly mini a few new tricks

g808 who posted this blurb in the forum about the firefly mini:”It’s a smaller, scaled down IR version of their Firefly remote. It’s not for everyone since the range won’t be quite as good, and you cannot program the buttons. But if you have a universal remote you can program the mini into it and use the mini’s IR receiver and use one remote to control everything without messing with middleware like Girder, HIP, or Remote2Key.”

The fact that it is recognized right out of the box without any middleware/drivers as a HID compliant USB device is wicked cool! I think I’m going to have to break down and get one of these (if I can part with my RF firefly that is) and a logitech harmony remote to make the uber one remote to rule them all set up! Damn my gadget fetish!