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Firefly PC Remote Review

Posted on 10 May 2004 by

We have had several requests for good remotes in the forum, well it looks like we might have a candidate for a good HTPC/PVR remote. The Firefly PC Remote, made by Snapstream, is getting fairly high marks from this review at HTPCNews.

Snapstream is even offering a FREE Firefly remote giveaway here.

(read more to see V.A.’s round up …. er copy paste of the summary of an online review!)

For those of you who don’t like to read other news sites, here are the ratings:


For the user who doesn’t mind RF remotes: 9.5/10 with .5 being taken off for a few missing buttons and weird placement on a few others.

For the user who wants to program everything in your Home Theater (receiver, TV, cd player, etc) into one main remote: Don’t get it.

WAF Rating: My fiancé loves this remote, it’s enabled her to be able to control SageTV (our current PVR app until we can get multiple tuners in Snapstream) and makes her life a great deal easier. 9/10 since it is another remote in the bedroom.

-Comprehensive out of the box compatibility with most major software applications
-Girder Plugin is available for more advanced users
-Good overall Layout
-Unsupported Apps can have config files built after the fact
-Appealing Looks

-Lack of IR (for some people this is a con, depends on the person)
-No Eject Button
-Have to install complete software package to get remote to work (including their front end)