First PCIe Dual TV Tuner coming to market: VistaView Saber 2020

Posted on 23 August 2006 by

Got the scoop on a new product coming to market early September. VistaView will be releasing the first analog dual tuner PCIe (pci express) TV card called the Saber 2020

Some quick features of note: It will be MCE compatible/certified for Windows MCE 2005. It’s low profile. Dual tuners (duh!). It’s hardware mpeg2 encoding of course, and is using the ViXS chipset, which is the same as the Nvidia DualTV card — except again this card is PCIe instead of regular PCI. The retail flavors will come with some PVR software which notably includes PIP (picture in picture) functionality. I think that about covers all my notes 🙂

So far there’s only been single tuner PCIe options on the market (notably ATI’s TheaterPro chipset). It’s good to see more options available to HTPC builders and to have more cards to put into these PCIe mostly dormant slots!

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