Follow up: More TiVo FF Banner Ad Commentary

Posted on 21 November 2004 by

WizbangBlog: Tivo in trouble?

“Ever since Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. bought DirecTV I’ve heard the rumor that they would drop the TiVo service from their DVR’s. I noticed that the packaging for new models are now called DirecTV DVR’s and in small print on the packaging it is noted that they feature the TiVo service. Is that a harbinger of things to come? Is DirecTV going to squash the puny TiVo folks?

The Los Angeles Times reports that TiVo’s will no longer skip past advertisers. I read the whole article (as should you) and am not among those that think the world is about to end for TiVo fans. On the other hand I’m not quite as worried about News Corp cutting TiVo out of the equation either.”

Some more commentary:

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