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Friday Reading – Reviews n’ Such

Posted on 22 July 2005 by

I’ve been cruising the PVR communities here and yonder, and I ran across a couple of things that might be worth looking into… First thing of course is the massive 500-gigabyte drive from Hitachi that I’ve been hearing all about. I grabbed this one from over at HTPC News. Big Bruin has got the review:

The specifications for this drive are quite impressive. 500 GB of disk space, 16 MB of cache memory, and 3.0 Gbps of transfer speeds are about as good as you are going to get in today’s hard drives. The only category that might be rivaled is transfer speed, but that would require a pricy Ultra320 SCSI drive to do so.

Now if you put that together with Perpindicular Technology, I think we’ll be seeing 1-Terabyte drives before too long. Check out the blurb over at (especially in the comments of the post) Exciting!

In other news around the globe, we have a review of the Spire SPA04S4-U WhisperRock V cpu cooler by A1-Electronics. As mentioned by HTPCNews the cooler looks to be very quiet, and thus a good move for PVR builders. From the review:

For a light weight aluminium low power quiet fan air cooler heatsink this is the sort of cooling performance you should expect and with this Spire SPA04S4-U you also get a smart design heatsink with a UV reactive fan to set off your computer case.

I dont know how much UV would affect our pvrs, but its quiet and seems light with the alluminum construction.