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GAM Got All Media Goes Commercial

Posted on 03 March 2005 by

GAM: Got All Media has gone commercial GAM used to be the TV tuning/PVR plugin to use with myHTPC back in the day. Now it’s a stand alone full fledge standalone media center application. According to HTPCnews, “The big fluff that surrounds GAM is that fact that it supports a large range of capture (HD and SD) cards.”

read more for a list of GAM features.

Got All Media Features:
* Supports all TV Cards with WDM drivers.
* Supports Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 150/250/350 and other hardware MPEG2 cards.
* Supports HDTV with FusionHDTV I/II/III and ATI HDTV Wonder cards.
* Supports PX-M402U with hardware Divx encoding or MPEG2 recording and timeshifting.
* Hardware Deinterlacing with VMR9 and VMR7.
* VMR9 Exclusive mode for best TV quality available.
* TV Guide support including scheduling of single program or series.
* Automatic general listings download service.
* TV recordings scheduling.
* TV recordings playback.
* Auto or manual screen capture for TV recordings.
* Multituner support for viewing and recording.
* Client/Server for hardware MPEG2 cards with client timeshifting, with third-party components from here.
* On the fly screen design switching.
* Recording with Windows Media/DiVX/XVid, MPEG2 and other codecs.
* Playback of any video types.
* Digital timeshifting combined with analog non-timeshifting channels.
* Channel profiles per input,type and other.
* Native support for MCE remotes.
* Closed Captions.
* Support for MPEG2 selection for video and audio, TV viewing and files playback.
* Direct support for USB-UIRT.
* Direct support for RedRat2 or ACTiSYS IR-200L IR Blaster using OpenSource IRTuner.dll or the drivers themself.
* Direct support for DCT2000 series serial control.
* Support for software Deinterlace filter. This filter is copyright by open source project Dscaler at
* Channels Tuning – Custom and fine tunning.
* Recordings: MPEG2 for MPEG2 hardware cards. Transport stream with HDTV cards. WMV, Custom (Divx, Xvid or others) or MPEG2 (Needs Intervideo codecs) for other cards.
* ffdShow for TV and File Playback with presets.
* Web scheduling with internal server.
* Events using Girder, other Application or DLL.
* Tuner switching per channel.
* Remote operation using TCP/IP.

* Custom MPEG2 Decoders selection.
* IMDB Info and Images download.
* VMR9/7/Overlay selection.
* Hardware Deinterlacing with VMR9 and VMR7.
* VMR9 Exclusive mode.
* Fast aspect ratio selection.
* Custom zoom controls.
* ffdShow support with presets.
* DVD Profiler information support.
* Fast filtering by Genre or online/offline.
* Fast search by Title.
* Online (Hard Disk) DVD playback.
* Offline (DVD Drive) DVD disk management and identification.
* DVD Bookmarks, position save and restore.
* Events using Girder, other Application or DLL.

* Catalog based selection.
* Music Player selection: Internal, Windows Media, Winamp or Foobar2000.
* Multi-Zone Music.
* Pocket PC control.
* Internet Radio.
* CD Player with auto Info and Cover Art download.
* CD Copy (ripping) using WMA or MP3 encoding.
* Music Visualization with Windows Media.
* Fast queuing and/or playback.
* Fast search by Artist or Album Title.
* Events using Girder, other Application or DLL.

* Catalog based selection.
* Fast rotation and navigation.
* Optional recursive playback.

Much More
* General Media navigator/player.
* General mudules for custom actions.
* Web browsing with RSS support.
* X10 control from all modules.
* Expandable menu system.