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GB-PVR v0.90 released

Posted on 01 February 2005 by

Sub has just made the announcement that GB-PVR v0.90 is available for download:

He writes:
“This release wasnt quite ready for the public and several things are still very shakey, but given the bug with the TV Guide – you’re welcome to try it if you like. Consider yourself warned. :D”

Some of the new features include:
– Corrected some issues that could cause freezing during channel changes.
– Some speed improvements when changing channels.
– Implemented initial DVB support for devices with BDA drivers. …
– TV/Video/Music/Pictures/Guide/Radio buttons now functional on new 45 key Hauppauge remote.
– FM Radio now works correctly for the PVR150MCE and PVR500MCE.
– Added support for widescreen or high resolution skins.
– USB-UIRT remote control support added.
…and much more… (hence the version jump!)