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GBPVR Looking for Help to Implement ATSC HDTV Support!

Posted on 21 April 2005 by

Sub, the author of GBPVR has put up a request for help so that he can add ATSC HDTV support to GBPVR

“I’m just starting to think about ATSC HDTV support, but would need to find some US based help so that I can do the development.

I’m in New Zealand, so I dont have access to ATSC transmissions, so much like I did with DVB-T support for Europe, I’m looking for someone in US that may be able to help me out with a remote login to a box with an HDTV device.

Ideally you’ll have:

* Nice fast broadband internet connection
* VNC or Windows ‘Remote Desktop’ setup
* HDTV device with BDA drivers.
* …not required, but would also be helpful if you had Visual on the machine.”

This remote desktop approach is how he was able to get the info to code support for a ton of DVB-T and DVB-S cards with BDA drivers for the previous release of GBPVR. Here’s a list of DVB-T and DVB-S cards (not ATSC hdtv cards mind you) that he added support for in the previous go-round:

* Hauppauge Nova-S
* Hauppauge Nova-T
* Pinnacle MediaCenter 300i
* Twinhan DVB-S
* Twinhan DVB-T
* Dvico Fusion DVB-T
* V-Box DTT-150
* Blockgold GDI DVB-T
* Lifeview FlyDVB-T

(thanks to daphatty for pointing this out)