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GBPVR Maintenance Release v0.95.16

Posted on 15 December 2005 by

Everybody’s favorite free windows PVR/HTPC GBPVR released an incremental update to address some issues that surfaced from the previous version. See the official gbpvr forum announcement for details.

ChangeLog 2005-12-8 v0.95.16
– Removed feature that deletes files via the recycle bin. It seems to cause a problem for some users, and I cant be bothered looking into it.
– Fixed a bug that could cause guide recordings to be saved in the ‘manual recordings’ folder.
– Fixed a bug that could cause the next song in playlist to not automatically start playing with UseWindowsMediaPlayerForAudio set to true.
– Fixed a bug with screen saver on MVP.
– Fixed a bug that could cause the MVP to disconnect under certain circumstance relating to drawing the screen.
– Changed version of ffmpeg to try an find a version which works well for both MVP ‘on the fly’ MPEG transcoding, and PSP file conversion.
– Fixed a bug that could cause the config app to not start