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Get Paid to Hack Open PVR From Neuros

Posted on 29 September 2006 by

Open PVR from Neuros: cash money to owners who hack it

Neuros, makers of the coolest video-recording toys in the world, have just released their OSD, a fully open set-top box.

“What is the OSD?
The Neuros OSD is the first open source, Linux-based, embedded media center. It records video from any source and links your PC, entertainment center, and portables.

Free Your Media
The Neuros OSD was created to connect user’s computer and entertainment worlds. Among many other things, this would allow users to watch video downloads and digital photo slideshows on TVs and listen to MP3s through their stereos. Previously the choices for doing this have been restricted to two approaches: all-in-one PC-based media centers and limited, closed “embedded” devices in various forms: PVRs, digital media adapters and streaming devices.

The OSD also enables users to take their video on the go and watch video on any device with non-DRM, standard MPEG-4 files. The OSD supports virtually all devices with data conversion or requiring extensive set-up. There are no subscription fees associated with the use of the OSD.

tons of cool pictures and info on the official neuros OSD hacking wiki

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