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Gigabyte i-RAM: Instant on for your HTPC?

Posted on 26 July 2005 by

I was wasting time while I should be studying and I ran across this little article over at AnandTech about Gigabyte‘s new i-RAM solution. Sounds like a really good idea to install your OS and PVR software on so that you can get near instant-on functionality. Of course, we’ll need to make sure that data integrity is top notch, but its sounding very nice. Heres something from the AnandTech article:

With a Western Digital Raptor you can go from the boot menu to the Windows desktop in 14.06 seconds, with the i-RAM it takes 9.12 seconds. It’s not instantaneous, but it’s definitely quicker and noticeable.
Our thoughts are that with further optimization, the boot process can be better tuned for very low latency storage devices such as the i-RAM, but that won’t happen with any currently shipping version of Windows.
The second reason for installing your OS on an i-RAM card is a bit more specific, but one we came up with when thinking about a secondary benefit of Gigabyte’s i-RAM: it’s silent.

I know that I am personally working on a solution similar to this, using a server in a different room to do mass storage duties. Sounds like a very good idea to me. (when are these hitting the streets again?)