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Girder 4.0 Released

Posted on 19 December 2005 by

New release of Girder IR and PC automation software

New features include:

* New user interface for fast and easy application development
* Fighly customizable OSD for user notification, status reports and menus
* Flexible task scheduling with conditional event triggering
* Extremely fast event handling
* Web-based system control from any internet browser
* Standard event mapping for common remote control tasks
* Simple-to-use weather retrieval functionalities
* Lua 5 scripting with multithreading for fast, sophisticated and simultaneous actions
* Configurable integrated development environment with logging and variable inspection
* Tight integration with NetRemote
* Multimonitor control and support
* TCP/IP communication
* Audio mixer controls
* LCD and VFD support
* Extensive user manual
* And much more