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Google AdSense “referral” Program Review

Posted on 16 March 2004 by

I put together an article documenting my experiences so far with the Google AdSense “affiliate/referral” program: I’ve been frustrated with all sorts of these supposedly revenue generating programs before (*cough* Lycos *cough* All Advantage *cough*). I almost didn’t try AdSense because of all those bad experiences with affiliate and referral programs in the past. How did Google’s AdSense program stack up? Read my Google AdSense Program Review/Overview to find out!

I know it’s not directly byopvr related, but I needed a place to put it =) I think my little overview (and helpful links) might be helpful to other people with small-ish to medium sized sites that could use some help offsetting hosting costs. It is worth a look if you aren’t familiar with the AdSense program or would like to know if it’s really any good.