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Happy Anniversary BYOPVR

Posted on 07 January 2005 by

TommorrowToday, January 8th is Build your Own PVR’s first anniversary!

Thanks to everyone who helped out or contributed to the site in some way (too many to list individually), but important thanks goes to planetjay and TheBryon for their very important early contributions to the site. This community has come together so well, and so quickly it has far surpassed anything I could have hoped for!

anyways, I’ll save the poetic waxing and return you to your regularly scheduled PVR news tidbits, reviews, and howto’s =)

UPDATE: What better way to celebrate our one year anniversary than to be linked on Slashdot! EFF Reviews HDTV PVR Solution for Mac article. I guess all I can say is “brace for impact” and hope that a saturday evening link surrounded by other links will lead to a mild slashdotting (if there’s such an animal) =P