Hauppauge Wireless MediaMVP Article

Posted on 26 August 2006 by

As you probably already know, we’re big fans of using the Hauppauge MediaMVP as network media client to extend our PC PVRs to additional televisions far from the “server” HTPC. Now we don’t have to string wire to do so.

Over at the SnapStream blog they gave the Hauppauge Wireless MediaMVP a test run in an uh… interesting location 🙂

Ever had the desire to wirelessly share recorded TV content, videos, music, and pictures to televisions throughout the house? For those of you who said yes, Hauppauge now has answered your demands with their new Wireless MediaMVP. Did I mention it was wireless?

Hauppauge sent us an evaluation unit of the Wireless MediaMVP (referred to as WMVP henceforth) the other day, so I decided to take advantage of this freebie, and test the unit in my house by connecting my Beyond TV server to the WMVP

Also see forum thread on wirelessly streaming live tv from BeyondTV to MediaMVP