Hauppauge Wireless MediaMVP Coming Soon

Posted on 09 September 2005 by

Dug up some inside scoop on the upcoming Hauppauge Wireless MediaMVP (link goes to wired MediaMVP product page).

First: People have noted in the forum that the regular wired MediaMVP has been marked down at Radio Shack. The “wired” regular MediaMVP is not going away, as it is still useful for setups with more than 3 MediaMVP’s or if you have poor wifi signal strength/extremely long distances between the “server” PC and the MediaMVP client. So there’s no reason to not grab one if you want the wired network version.

Second: The wireless/wifi MediaMVP will be 802.11g.

Third: The Wireless MediaMVP will start to be available mid-October and have a MSRP of $149

Fourth: Can’t wait to get my hands on one. I was considering grabbing one of the wired MediaMVP’s from Radio Shack and adding a wireless game adapter (basically an ethernet to wifi adapter commonly used to get your Xbox onto a wireless network), but I can wait a month or so for an integrated solution that’s been tweaked to be a wireless media extender.

For those that don’t know the MediaMVP is a popular small/quiet playback client that streams your content over your network. There are 3rd party “clients” to allow you to interact/stream/watch your content from your GBPVR server or SageTV server. Some people use the MediaMVP as their primary playback device (as opposed to putting the noisey pc in the same room as the TV and using video card TV output); others use the MediaMVP to extend their existing setup to multiple/additional TV’s in their house.