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HDTV on PC over Firewire Software

Posted on 27 June 2004 by

BYOPVR’er dagrainger astutely noted this neat announcement regarding the holy grail of getting DV/HDTV content off the settop boxes and onto your PC using firewire.

Vividlogic, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of FireBus™ DTV Recorder Version 1.0. This software allows you to record and playback DTV movies (HD and SD Unencrypted movies/content only) using the PC you already own.
FireBus™ DTV Recorder Version 1.0 may be downloaded from the following URL: Here

The software allows evaluation for a period of 30 days from the date of installation. During the evaluation period, you can record HD/SD contents in the clear for a duration of 30 minutes only. If you like the software, you may purchase the full version from and activate it.

# Record MPEG-2 (HD & SD) content* from your DTV or DSTB to your PC over IEEE 1394 interface
# Record and play individual movies from the PC
# Self-configuring software identifies your PC as a storage device to the DTV.
# The PC can be configured to act as a Digital VCR or AVHDD upon startup.
# DTV recorder operates in the background and frees up the PC for simultaneous use. Less than 5% of the CPU is consumed when the PC is simultaneously recording and playing.
# Compressed video is captured from the DTV and stored to your PC. No need for expensive decoders or encoders on the PC.
# By using the DTV remote control, recorded movies (MPEG-2) on the PC can be played back to DTV with ability to stop, pause, fast-forward and fast rewind video on most DTVs with integrated tuners.
# Time Shift Viewing allows movies to be viewed from the beginning while recording is still in progress.
# Movies recorded on the PC can be burnt onto a DVD or CD.

Specifications from their web site:

Concurrent Streams
Playback: One isochronous stream over IEEE 1394 supported by one output plug control register.
Record: One isochronous stream over IEEE 1394 supported by one input plug control register.
Features simultaneous playback and record.

Supported Stream Formats

IEEE 1394/FireWire transfer rate
IEEE 1394a speeds of 100, 200 & 400 MBPS

Supported Trick Play Modes
The software currently supports Play, Stop and Record, Fast Forward, and Fast Reverse, Pause and time shift viewing. Other play modes like Skip and Replay will be added in the subsequent releases.

Encryption and Decryption
Does not record content protected streams. Can record unencrypted content only.

AVC Commands Supports IEEE 1394 TA AVC Command Set for AVHDD and DVHS.

DTV Recorder is a trademark of Vividlogic Inc. All other names mentionedare trademarks, registered trademarks or servicemarks of their reprersntative companies. Specifications subject to change without notice.

Hardware requirements from their web site:

Minimum Hardware/OS requirements for FireBus™ DTV Recorder software:

PC Configuration:

* Intel Pentium-class 233 MHz (or faster) processor
* 256 MB RAM
* 20 – 40 GB free hard disk space (1 minute of HD Data recorded takes up about 140 MB of disk space)
* Windows XP Operating System with Service Pack 1 installed.

Any of the following 1394 cards:

* OHCI card using VIA chipset
* OHCI card using TI chipset.
* PCMCIA card using VIA chipset
* PCMCIA card using TI chipset

NOTE: Currently, we support only one 1394 card in the PC.

DTVs currently supported:
Currently the FireBus™ DTV Recorder works with Mitsubishi DTVs (with NetCommand) and Thomson RCA Scenium series DTVs.


DTV Recorder

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