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HowTo: Build Your Own BeyondTV DVR Article

Posted on 01 November 2006 by

ServerGuy posted a Howto build your own DVR using BeyondTV article on his site

A while back I built my own DVR (digital video recorder) and it has occurred to me that others may be interested in doing the same. The whole project was actually quite easy, although I am comfortable building a PC from components, and others may not be as comfortable. As I walk through this please keep in mind that while I was trying to keep costs down the object was to build (as easily as possible) a DVR that was simple to use, took up a minimal amount of space, and would be easy to modify if necessary.

I started with a spare PC I had sitting around unused. I realize most people don’t have a spare computer just sitting around their house. The point I’m trying to make is that the computer you use doesn’t have to be a top of the line system, especially if you are careful about choosing the components you’ll be adding.

hat tip PVRwire