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HTPC & DVR News Extravaganza

Posted on 26 July 2005 by

Our news pot is full to the brim with DVR & HTPC news, reviews, and guides:

Although not specifically HTPC oriented a budget system builder might want to consider Mikhailtech’s $400 system guide

HTPCnews has a review of an interesting entry in the HTPC keyboard arena the Belkin Media Pilot *cue Pimp My Ride Mad Mike: We put a universal IR remote IN your RF keyboard 🙂 HTPCnews also has a review of the Chaintech Zenith VNF4 Ultra a SLI board for street price of 90 bucks?!!

PVRwire alerts us to the fact that PVR users have doubled in past year has an ever increasing list of TV tuner card and related reviews from all over the web.