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HTPCGB Flash Tutorial on Demystifying Multiple TV Tuners

Posted on 13 June 2006 by

BYOPVR forum regular HTPCGB put together a flash tutorial that explains visually the concepts of recording one show while watching another show on your PC PVR. It also covers things like what to do if you have digital cable or satellite and explains some of the basics that seem to confound most newbies!

We love user contributions to the community knowledge base! Who better than the folks who were once newbies (we were all one once!) to explain things in a manner that everyone can easily understand! Anyone can freely add content or edit existing pages to the DIY PVR HTPC FAQ… and considering how I left the CAn I watch something else while recording with 1 tuner entry incomplete, it’s a great help that HTPCGB stepped up to the plate and made an animated tutorial that gets the point across beautifully. THANKS HTPCGB!