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HTPCNews Review: MS Remote Keyboard

Posted on 22 August 2005 by

For those of you that use MS Windows XP MCE, this could be of interest to you. HTPCNews has got a review of the new MS Remote Keyboard. From the looks of the early parts of the review though, it looks to be exclusive to MCE, sorry GB, Sage and BeyondTV users! From their review:

A few years ago Microsoft released it’s Media Center operating system geared toward the extremely young HTPC Market. With early products such as myHTPC, SageTV and others on the market it seemed like this “trend” as some called it, was growing beyond anyone’s belief. More and more HTPC oriented software, plug-ins, and peripherals were being announced and released. Everyone and their mother to this day though is still looking for the perfect accessories to go with their setup. Anything that would make the integration seem less PC like and more home theater oriented was always a welcome addition.

The product being reviewed today is one of those products. Microsoft’s new Remote Keyboard for Windows XP Media Center Edition. Notice how it isn’t labeled as a Keyboard first, but as a Remote. This is well justified too as this is exactly as it sounds, a Remote Keyboard.