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Insanetek Seasonic S12 500W PSU Review

Posted on 11 July 2005 by

Saw this over at Insanetek’s website. They’ve got a new review of the Seasonic S12 500W PSU up. I read through it and its making me wish I had some cash to do some upgrading on my HTPC.

From the review:
After opening the packaging, the huge 120mm fan and honeycomb grill are the most apparent features of this power supply. We have reviewed power supplies from other companies utilizing this combination, as it is the most viable option for a silent power supply. Combined with Seasonic’s pioneered “Smart & Silent Fan Control,” the S12 already looks like THE silent power supply to have. Another appealing feature is the implementation of “Twisty & Tidy Wires.” The wires are twisted together like OCZ’s PowerStream power supplies. The look is a far cleaner look than untwisted wires. While I do prefer sleeved cabling, I find sleeving more of an aesthetic preference, rather than a necessity. Having twisted wires is an excellent alternative.

Swing over there and take a look, this is definately worth looking at if you are in the market for a new power supply. (Its on my list)