Interesting New AVerMedia Cards – PCI Express Dual M1A3

Posted on 07 April 2005 by

RedR brought to my attention a post on the news page about two new PCI Express AVerMedia tuner/encoder cards of interest. I’m a little annoyed that Hexus doesn’t have any sort of perm link to the news post, so you’ll have to scroll down and I have no idea how you’ll find the story after it gets bumped off their main page *sigh* ( maybe I’m just dense )

Looks like they are coming out with an ExpressCard tuner/encoder with MPEG2 encoding called the AVerTV ExpressCard. ExpressCard is the next gen PC/PCMIA card slot for laptops.

AVerTV PCI Express Card Dual

The real interesting product is this AVerTV PCI Express Card Dual. It’s a…
desktop PCI Express tuner, the AVerTV PCI Express Card Dual. The snappy name denotes a pair of silicon tuners and the board, strangely, sits on a full 16X PCI Express interface. I’m not sure of the reasoning behind the interconnect, since it’s a product that can certainly be implemented in 1 or 2 lanes, but there we go. It’s got DVI output, dual S-Video I/O and does tuner signal split for you.

I’ve got an email into an AVerMedia PR contact to see if I can get some more info as this card is a little confusing as to what the ins-and-outsa really are, and what they really do. The DVI output thing confuses me? Is this thing like an AVermedia flavor of something akin to ATI’s AIW? or is it more like a Hauppauge PVR350 with DVI output and dual tuners? Questions abound… and if I get answers you know were to look (no over here silly!)

UPDATE: Check out this link to avermedia AVerTV PCI Express Card Dual M1A3 specs… looks like it’s got component INPUT(!), as well as DVI output, and an MPEG decoder on top of the dual tuners!!!