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Internet Video Distribution Platforms (including Google!)

Posted on 15 April 2005 by

Today was a big day for coverage of alternative/internet video distribution platforms, much like SmokeyAlien alluded to in his Unicorn CableCARD rant

First Google launches a video upload & distribution network

According to BetaNews, ‘Google is preparing a video distribution platform that provides a complete ecosystem of services for content producers, publishers and end-users.’ The first phase of its video upload program rolled out today, and ‘content owners will be able to control distribution rights themselves, even setting a price for their video clips. Eventually, users will be able to search, preview, purchase and play videos directly from within Google.’

Also of interest is DownHill Battle’s (of Grey Tuesday fame) announced a new video / internet TV platform based on their simplified content publisher centric torrent tool battle torrent

“Internet TV is Open and Independent: Announcing a new platform for internet television and video. Anyone can broadcast full-screen video to thousands of people at virtually no cost, using BitTorrent technology. Viewers get intuitive, elegant software to subscribe to channels, watch video, and organize their video library. The project is non-profit, open source, and built on open standards. Today we’re announcing the project and releasing our current sourcecode. The software is launching in June.”