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KnoppMyth RC5 Released Today at SoCal Linux Expo

Posted on 12 February 2005 by

Cecil, lead developer on KnoppMyth, will release version RC5 his livecd linux PVR at SCALE 3x on Sat Feb 12th. Cecil indicates that he will have CDs available as giveaways at their booth. New features in this release will include: Knoppix terminal server: For diskless frontends and over the network installs! CyberMediaGate: Serves up MythTV’s recorded shows to uPnP clients! and pcHDTV support out of the box! For more info see the knoppmyth forums or join them at SCALE 3x Use the promo code “FREE” and register on the website for a free exhibit hall pass or use the code “NEWSP” for a hefty discount. See you there.