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LifeHacker Builds His Own DVR

Posted on 11 April 2006 by

Adam Pash over at LifeHacker posted a howto build your own DVR using SageTV article on today’s edition of Lifehacker’s Hack Attack (it’s the good type of hack, btw!)

Ever since TiVo came around, I was eager to jump on the time shifting bandwagon. After all, nothing makes a productivity junkie happier than turning an hour-long show into forty minutes. But for all its loyal fan base, TiVo never seemed like the right fit for me.

For my money, time, and, let’s be honest, the gratification of a solid DIY project, I’m a big proponent of building your own digital video recorder (DVR). TiVo is pretty good at what TiVo does, but imagine a world where you can also tweak your TiVo to do anything you can do with any other computer.