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Linux – MythTV drivers for “Blackbird” cards

Posted on 06 April 2005 by

Newsforge article on some interesting developments on the linux driver front: Linux/MythTV drivers for 2nd gen PVR cards

If you are relatively new to the “scene” you might not be familiar with the “Blackbird” codename PVR cards. Blackbird was the codename for the Conexant reference design for MCE 2004 hardware MPEG encoding TV tuner cards. (Conexant chips are the heart of the Hauppauge and many other hardware encoding PVR cards). The Hauppauge nickname for these cards was “Roslyn” and was very affordable if you could find a vendor to sell these OEM only cards.

Long story short, even though these cards looked like pvr250’s they were very different chipset wise and there wasn’t any Linux/MythTV support for them. Until now, that is! Here’s PlutoHome’s announcement about their bootable live CD MythTV (and more) installer and work on a Linux/MythTV CX88 “Blackbird” / “Roslyn” driver:

We have been working on these drivers and released an alpha version at PlutoHome. Pluto even has a self-booting kick-start CD that will automatically install & configure everything for you, including a ready-to-go Myth system. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get a MythTV PVR up and running, and also installs Xine, Asterisk and our own software to give you the most advanced media & entertainment, home automation, security, telecom & computing system, controllable with your Symbian Bluetooth mobile phone, as well as PDA’s and Webpads.

We’re working hard to harden the drivers as quickly as possible and would like as much feedback as possible. These 2nd generation cards are lower in price and offer better picture quality than the current models supported in IVTV, so be sure to check them out. A list of all the compatible cards, known as “Blackbird” cards, is found on our website.

visit:, click ‘support’, ‘support site’, and choose “CX88 Blackbird Drivers” from the projects menu” …. or just click on this support site link and browse to the CX88 Blackbird Driver