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Mac Mini vs Mini-ITX

Posted on 12 March 2005 by

ExtremeTech article: Mac Mini vs Mini-ITX

We at ExtremeTech decided to look at how much tiny PC can you build for about $800, and pit it against the cute new Mac. We had some choices of similar-size machines, though more will be forthcoming when Pico-BTX motherboards arrive in earnest later this year. Does a Mac mini make sense on your home network or for a less technical friend? Or would a similarly priced and sized Windows machine be a better bet? Let’s find out.

Also of interest in the mac mini vein intel flaunts mac mini knock off zdnet article on intel’s mac mini clone and inquirer: Intel demonstrates would be Mini Mac killer

(and why yes I do feel a little dirty for linking to one of those free gratis sites, but a mac mini would compliment the free ipod nicely)