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Maiku’s Blog: BeyondTV 3.5

Posted on 29 November 2004 by

Maiku has posted another entry in his byopvr user journal/blog

This time he’s talking about his experience with BeyondTV 3.5 Previous Maiku posts include: Windows MCE 2005 edition and Free windows PVR software: GBPVR and GOTTV

Other user journals of note: Lowbrow is growing to really like the enhancements in SageTV 2.1 (as compared to SaveTV 2.0) after having some issues with the one of the Sage 2.1 beta/release canidates.

ejk keeps throwing more hardware into his PVR but windows xp/video card driver isn’t cooperating.

… wondering how steve525 is fairing since deciding to upgrade his very meager celeron 466 pvr 350 setup… and it seems the upgrade went well…

Update Brian “bub” contributed a user submitted review of a “budget” Adesso Wireless IR Keyboard