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Media Portal Pre-Release available for download

Posted on 01 July 2005 by

I was checking out the Media Portal website for updates, and I found that the new Pre-Release is now available for download. I am going to be trying this software suite out myself, so I definately think it is worth looking at. I specifically like the way it looks, very professional. Some of the new features include:

  • A faster MediaPortal start-up time – MediaPortal will now start-up at roughly 1/3 of the previous start-up time.

  • My TV: Notify me – Mediaportal can now give you a visual notification when a program is about to start

  • My Videos: IMDB actor info – When lookin up IMDB information the actor biography is now also available

  • General: Remote – added native support for FireDTV and Hauppauge remote controls

  • My TV: Automatic background EPG & MHW grabbing – MediaPortal will now grab the EPG data for the current transponder/multiplexers channels and automatically populate the TV Guide.

Worth taking a look at for all you Windows based PVR people out there.