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MediaPortal Update

Posted on 15 June 2004 by

It seems that MediaPortal is making progress in leaps and bounds. If the following news update (found on MediaPortal’s website) is true, then it looks like the MediaPortal folks are breaking new ground:

XBMC-er made some amazing progress. He managed to get VMR9 (Video Mixing Renderer 9) to work in MediaPortal. VMR9 is part of DirectShow and can be used for mixing multiple video streams & graphics. Sad thing is that Microsoft decided to make VMR9 only available for C++ applications. MediaPortal is written in C# and thus we could not use it. XBMC-er just didnt wanted to accept that and now he’s the first person who got it to work with C#. So what you expect from this in Mediaportal:

-transparency in the OSD
-scrolling information in the OSD
-Picture in Picture (pip)
-no flickering OSD anymore
Sample screenshot (notice the transparency)

Congratulations XBMC-er and the entire MediaPortal team!