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Meedio 1.15.27, Meedio TV pre-release 3 now available

Posted on 11 December 2004 by

Meedio 1.15.27, Meedio TV pre-release 3 now available

Meedio Essentials and Meedio TV PR3 Release Notes

Meedio TV pre-release 3 Notes

*The core of the hardware API has changed greatly in this release. While this brings some welcome additions, it also introduces new issues (see the list below).

We now support a much broader range of video capture cards. In theory, we should be able to support any capture card with WDM drivers. This includes hardware encoding cards as well as non-hardware encoding cards. Please note that there can be distinct driver issues with each card as well as incompatibility problems with existing DirectShow filters installed on your machine.

*The TV Tuner plug-in has a new configuration dialog that makes it easier to configure the capture device.

*Meedio TV Lineup manager now allows you to change channel numbers and names. This may be necessary if you are using XMLTV.

*When you make changes to channel names or numbers, they are not over-written by a listings update. They are, however, lost if you delete your lineup.

*The TV Search module has been updated to allow you to specify categories when searching.

*This release includes prioritized “season tickets”. They allow you to easily record multiple episodes of TV programs. You can create a new season ticket by clicking on “season ticket” in the program details screen for any program.

(season tickets cont.)

You can specify several new settings, such as “Keep at most”, “Repeats” and whether the season ticket is for only a single channel or all channels.

When you save a new season ticket, you will be notified of all the conflicts and will have the option to either save the season ticket as it is or cancel all conflicts and record all programs that match the season ticket. The latter option will give the season ticket the highest priority.

When a recording is part of a season ticket, you will see that the “recording options” button brings up a new screen that allows you edit the single recording options, cancel the single recording, edit the season ticket options or cancel the whole season ticket.

Season tickets are automatically refreshed when listings are updated and conflicts are automatically resolved by a priority system. Although you cannot re-prioritize them yet, you will be able to do so in a future release.

The TV Scheduled Recordings module now also allows you to manipulate your existing season tickets. From it, you can change options or cancel them. In the “canceled” mode of this module, you can see all recordings that have been canceled in the past or for the future and you can see the conflicts between season tickets.

Although we have not exposed timed recordings yet (i.e., “every Monday from 7:00 to 8:00”), the recording engine fully supports them and we will create the necessary user interface elements for them in an upcoming release.

The season ticket engine supports the creation of season tickets with any search criteria. The search criteria are specified in our newly developed Meedio TV Query Language (MTVQL); which allows developers to perform complex program searches using a very simple language. This feature has not been exposed to the end-user yet, but is a vital part of the underlying technology behind season tickets.

*The TV Tuner plug-in now logs all hardware related information to \data\logs\tv-tuner.log. When reporting hardware related issues, we will usually ask you to send this log to us.

*Transponder files are no longer necessary as the tuner now uses the standard channel tables as specified by DirectShow. As long as your channel numbers and country code are correct, tuning should work fine.

� When updating listings, the system now performs several integrity checks to ensure that the lineup database is in good working order. Some problems are fixed automatically, while others cannot be fixed. The results of these checks are saved in the listings update logs that can be found in \library\tv\logs.

Meedio Essential Release Notes:

� The Music Tag Importer now reads Lyrics in Lyrics3 v2.00 format. There are new properties to enable processing and remove specific text from the imported text.

� The Music Tag Importer now reads embedded WMA tags in MP3 files (used by Windows Media Player when tagging MP3 files).

� Popup screens (like the ones in the video player or TV) now will use the over-scan settings as set in Meedio Configuration or using the Settings Module.

� The Video Player now has a new DVD Decoder settings dialog.� This makes the DVD Decoder selection more intuitive and also allows you to call up the speaker settings dialog for the DVD Decoder so you can specify how to set the speaker output.�

� Fixed an issue when starting to play some streaming video files in the video player.

� Added a new module to browse your music or video files using your existing directory structure.� To use this new module, simply go into the Meedio Configuration application and add a Media File Browser module to your menu structure.� Then for its properties, select whether you wish to play music or videos, and select the directory where your media files are.� In the future we will probably allow you to browse both videos and music at the same time using the same module.

This is the first version of this module, so please send us your feedback on it.

� The media library now automatically tracks when items are added and/or changed. It also keeps a data version number so that sections can be monitored for changes.

Although this is a very useful feature, it has not been used in any existing plug-in yet, but it will allow us to show media that has been recently added, recently changed or monitor the media library for changes and notify you of them.

� The updated music player did not make it into this release, but we are working on it and it will be made available in an upcoming release.