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Posted on 21 August 2004 by has come up with an uber small and silent PW-120-M power supply for mini-itx motherboards (both the VIA EPIA variety and mini-itx P4 motherboards 3ghz and lower).

The power supply is of the DC-DC converter ilk, so some sort of laptop “brick” style AC adapter will be resident outside the case (unless you are making a car PVR!). But it’s amazing that they’ve shrunk down the components so that it just plugs in to the standard ATX molex plug and takes up less room than a business card (see “read more” for pic and copy of press release).

For size comparisons sake check out the DC-DC converter in our Travla c137 mini-itx case review. Imagine the size of the cases you could use with one of these, and not need an extra power supply fan! I think the case modders are going to have a field day with this power supply.

Smaller Than a Credit Card; Eases Development of Petite, Quiet PCs

FREMONT, Calif. – August 17, 2004 —, a subsidiary of Ituner
Networks Corp., announces the release of the tiniest and full power Mini-ITX
micro power supply currently available in the marketplace.

Inspired by VIA’s unprecedented success in small form factor native x86
mainboard development, has addressed one of the most difficult
aspects of designing and building small, attractive PC systems: the power
supply unit.

The diminutive Mini-box PW-120 power supply costs US$49.95 and is ideal for
small PCs such as thin clients and sleek PCs where industrial design is
important and space utilization is at a premium. Its totally fanless,
silent performance enables PCs to be used in new environments, such as
living room media centers and in hospital or other sound and
airflow-sensitive settings. Its light weight and ability to draw power from
a 12-volt battery enables breakthrough technologies such as robots and car
PCs to operate untethered.

Tiny, cool and silent, yet powerful

Measuring just 2.4″ x 2.25″ and 1U compliant, the PW-120 was designed to fit
VIA’s Mini-ITX EPIA-M and EPIA-MII mainboards that target living room
digital entertainment devices. The 12Volt PW-120 DC to DC converter delivers
an impressive 200 watts and is 25 % smaller than a credit card, allowing for
unprecedented design flexibility for aesthetically pleasing consumer
electronics style system designs. With an efficiency rate of over 95%, the
PW-120 can power the most demanding Mini-ITX system configuration, making it
the ideal PSU solution for any media center or embedded server application.

Reduces Space — no more messy cables

By eliminating traditional 20 ATX power extension wires, the PW-120 snaps
directly into any ATX power connector. Designed from the ground up to fit
the Mini-ITX form factor, the PW-120 enhances VIA’s small form factor
initiative by drastically reducing the size of a fully functional PC.

The PW-200-V model delivers the same amount of power, under a different form
factor, specifically designed for the EPIA M, PD, MII and the soon to be
released MS and SP boards. as well as Pentium-4 3.0Ghz-equipped

Dane Glasgow, co-founder of Project Colimbo,, a completely
amateur effort advancing space exploration through the development of a low
cost, low earth orbit payload delivery system, confirmed early tests of the
new Mini-box power supply: “At Project Colimbo we have strict requirements
for size, weight and power consumption of our onboard systems. The Mini-
box PW-200-V fits our needs perfectly through a combination of its small
form factor and high efficiency. Additionally, it reduces the overall
system weight by eliminating the need for any large multi-wire power

“The PW-120 suits the needs of everyone from case modders to designers of
important commercial products such as point of sale terminals and car and
boat PCs,” said Mini-box CEO, Andrei Bulucea. “Together with the VIA
Mini-ITX form factor mainboard, designers of any PC device that requires
freedom from traditional AC connections yet requires power and silent
operation will find new exciting possibilities with the PW-120.”

More information on the entire range of micro power supplies can be found at
Open source documentation for mini-ITX power related topics can be found at


The PW-120-M as well as PW-200-V is now available for retail and OEM sales
at and other reseller sites. For additional information, please
send an email at [email protected]