More AVerMedia M1A3 AVerTV MCE Media Expansion Card Scoop

Posted on 03 June 2005 by

I’ve been on the prowl for more information on the forthcoming AVerMedia M1A3 dual tuner PCI-Express card ever since we first posted about it back in April. ( see: Interesting New AVerMedia Cards – PCI Express Dual M1A3 )

The M1A3 has Dual tuners, is PCI Express & has DVI output! Where do I sign up?

I did some digging around and here’s what AVerMedia could tell me about the M1A3 AVerTV MCE Media Expansion Card.

“…As for the M1A3 (product name is AVerTV MCE Media Expansion Card), it is our latest PCI Express Dual TV tuner card. “

“Our AVerTV MCE Media Expansion Card which utilizes Intel i945 chipset SDVO function on board to have DVI video out. This configuration allows the user to utilize the onboard VGA graphic controller and still have the DVI output function on the TV tuner card. You’d use the M1A3’s DVI output Instead of buying a costly high end PCI Express graphic card that has DVI output. “

“Our M1A3 Media Expansion Card feature dual TV tuner and HW encoding, it will allow user to watch one channel and record another channel in MCE 2005.”

I don’t have a timeline on when these cards will be available, as I believe they are in the engineering sampling stage. I’m hoping I can get my hands on a preview review unit, as I think this card has a lot of potential to be the next-generation tuner card “supersized” with dual tuners and HDTV output, and want to see if it merits my excitement.